30-Days of JavaScript

Image of a JavaScript Mug with Java

I have decided recently to focus on really learning JavaScript by doing a 30-day challenge. Every day for a minimum of one hour I will work on learning to work with JavaScript. I do know the basics of Javascript programming language and have written basic loops and functions. The thing is, I basically write in […]

Smiles In A Crisis

Every once in awhile I run into an issue with one of my client’s sites or even one of my own web projects that causes a mass crisis. White Screen of Death, which I prefer to call “White powder donuts” because it sounds much nicer, is the one that always freaks people out. I usually have to spend […]

Why is it Good to Share your Secret Sauce?

Good internet marketers and marketing agencies will tell you to produce great content for your business website. Based on the marketer or the agency they will tell you that great content usually consists of giving away information that is really known by you or people deep in your industry as “Secret Sauce”. Yes, go ahead […]

Working with WordPress – Importing Exporting Customizing and Troubleshooting

Working with WordPress – Importing Exporting Customizing and Troubleshooting from Jean Felisme The presentation was given on Saturday, April 19th for WordCamp Miami Beginners Workshop. 1. Working w/ WordPress Importing/Exporting, Customizing, and Troubleshooting 2. It’s me… Jean Felisme WordPress Designer and Developer @jfeliweb jean@bizdotsmedia.com bizdotsmedia.co | jeanfelisme.com 3. You did it!!!!  Domain  Hosting  […]