Link: http://www.acousticvisual.com/

Short description: Acoustic Visual Innovations (AVI) reached out to me via referral to design 5 similar websites within the same industry. They have already purchased a theme but need help designing and implementing their idea of a professional looking websites. The key points of this project: Implementation of WordPress Multisite Keep a similar Header and Footer for each site. […]

Link: https://beorganiccatering.com/

Short description: Be Organic Catering wanted a new redesign to better fit their brand. They also wanted a shopping cart to be integrated with their website to start taking online orders on their products. I delivered a website that reached above expectations and with WordPress made it very easy to manage their content and their shopping cart. Key points: […]

Link: https://www.bpbcpa.com/our-people/

Short description: I was hired by South Florida Web Studio to work on a custom WordPress theme that their client had requested. Their client requested work to be done on the directory feature by adding new fields and have them displayed on the profile page.

Link: http://people.cis.fiu.edu/iyengar/

Short description: Dr. Iyengar needed to have a modern website that can handle all of his academic content. He had 8 key impacts that he wanted to go into display it in detail and wanted it on the front page of his website. I used a child theme on one of WordPress Twenty Fifteen default theme as a […]

Link: http://maxpashon.com/

Short description: Max Pashon is a musical artist that wanted a website to work as a hub for his content on social media. Also, he wanted to have his singles to have their own landing pages that he can direct his fanbase to find his songs on multiple music streaming or store platforms. I have developed the website […]

Link: http://naturaltouchcleaningsvc.com/

Short description: Natural Touch Cleaning Services needed a modern website with a clean and simple look. They wanted their visitors to know exactly what they are offering and drive them to their facebook page. They also requested a fast turnaround so I had the website up and running for them within 3 days.

Link: https://orionmiami.com/portfolio/

Short description: South Florida Web Studio hired me to work on Orion Miami website to implement a few features. I spent the majority of the time working on a custom property portfolio feature on their WordPress website. This feature allowed the user to filter through the property by clicking on a map and/or by a single tenant or multi-tenant. Also, […]

Link: https://sounetu.com/

Short description: Sounetu reached out to me looking for a new website to establish their online presence. They wanted a website that fit their branding, search engines friendly and was easy to maintain. I created a website that displayed their content in an organized and clean way so that it would not be overwhelming. Also, added the ability for them […]

Link: https://cis.fiu.edu/

Short description: FIU’s School of Computing and Information Sciences (SCIS) website has been overhauled to meet FIU branding policy, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 and modern standards. I converted the website from a custom CakePHP framework to WordPress using a custom theme. There were a few special customs features requirements and custom page templates for certain content types. […]