Why is it Good to Share your Secret Sauce?

Good internet marketers and marketing agencies will tell you to produce great content for your business website. Based on the marketer or the agency they will tell you that great content usually consists of giving away information that is really known by you or people deep in your industry as “Secret Sauce”.

Yes, go ahead and create a blog about your secret ingredient that keeps your cupcakes moist and delicious.


At a Sunday church service, the Pastor gave a great example of sharing with a box of mints that he had in his hand. The box of mints had two openings, one for sharing with others and at the opposite side an opening that was not meant to share with others. Can you guess which opening was larger? The side for sharing with others was a small opening meant to let one piece of gum out at a time. While the side opening allowed you access to get a handful of mints. Now, it would be better to share more than one mint at a time with others. Well, most people prefer to only share one tiny piece of mint gum than to open up and dump over a quarter of a box into someone hands.

Sharing is Caring

Giving a little information even if it’s one piece of mint information will not hurt your business. More than likely it will help your business grow and build trust with your potential customers. Most customers are looking to purchase a service or a product from you so giving away a little information will only confirm with them that you know what you are doing.

On this site, I will be sharing my secret sauce through my expertise in business, skills in web development and demonstrate how to hustle with pocket lint. I do this to gain trust and integrity from potential clients and partners.

What Secret Sauce Should You Share?

Sharing your time, knowledge, or skills are the easiest things you can do to get started. Just having an FAQ page to answer common questions or giving tips on how to use your product for different functionality. Creating written, audio, and/or video content to display your act of kindness of sharing your secret sauce. Forbes has an article about ways to share your expertise that is worth at least a glance.