Update: It’s been a long first quarter

What have I done?

Since my last post about the high achieving goals, I set for myself. I have done little to nothing to reach them.

There are several reasons behind why I haven’t done much but the main reason is time. I was just to busy with clients and family issues to deal with any of mine lofty goals that I placed on myself. The blame for this is at the time of writing those goals I really put into consideration of the amount of time that I will have to invest in putting them into action.

Really, nothing at all!

A few of the goals for the year I have started. Maybe not in the order I planned on starting, but I have started them with no regrets. Timing and momentum are always important for many of my ideas, without both they’re never will get a chance to hit the ground running.

I did start with a theme and have gotten through must of the rough spots now I to work on other areas to complete it to ship it to the repository for its first review.

I hit the restart button on a Saas product that will be more of a Paas solution. The timing is right for it but I am trying to kick up momentum to complete it correctly.

Finally, restart to an online magazine that was in the works for a long time. Momentum is growing again just need to get a few things together and it should be launching sooner than later.

More details on these items to come in future post.

The fix

To solve this issue I am going back to that post and making a few edits. I will keep the edits transparent just for the historical record and to keep things on the up and up.

I will remove a few items and adjust a few timelines. Also, go into detail on what, why, how and when for each goal. Briefly going over each goal will also be a good reference to review and help keep on task. I will also link to another blog post that will go into full details as I start each of the goals.