JobTrax Day 3

Photo of Jean wearing a hard hat

I spent today researching a bit but I made a decision on what I am doing with the frontend of the application. Well, I am leaning towards one direction…

Research Time ?

I also spent time today to watch a few videos on microservices just to get a better understanding of it. I found that the video from FreeCodeCamp best explained things. I did run into a video of a talk by David Schmitz titled 10 tips for failing badly at Microservices that I really enjoyed and learn a good deal from.


I will be using ReactJS with Material UI, at least this is the choice I will be going with for now. I have some time to let this settle in because I would like to take some time learning VueJS. The way to learn a new framework is by doing. ?

I have to start thinking and designing the architecture of the backend API so I can avoid costly mistakes when I get to the frontend.

Tomorrow Plan ?

Take a look at the spreadsheet I created and begin outlining the application feature needs. I will create a backlog of everything and have it placed in ZebHub or Trello for project management.