JobTrax Day 1 & 2

I have decided to build a job tracking web app. This came about because at one point I was using a spreadsheet to track the information about jobs that I applied to or about to apply to. The spreadsheet was nice but it was annoying at times.

Day 1

I went through some of the projects that were on the self dug a little deeper into why I wanted to work on each one. The job tracker was the one most relevant to me at this time of my life so I figured it would be best for me to work on it.

Day 2

I decided on using NodeJS for the API Backend and I haven’t decided on the database just yet. Also, I picked up the domain, created a GitHub Organization with a got repo and created a quick logo.

At this point this project is called JobTrax and I will have a repo for the API backend, called Suit, and another repo for the frontend, name not determined.