Day 5: JobTrax

Sunday is not big coding days for me, especially this Sunday. I spent time with the family, did some laundry and watch the Irishman (In one sitting) on Netflix. I did find some time to code up and finish another small project but for the JobTrax project, I did research related to the type of database to use.


I was planning on going towards a SQL database solution, PostgreSQL, when I was first thinking about this project. It would be easy to go the SQL route if a had a completed database design but I have been changing the structure. I found a good video to go over the pro and cons in a non-bias way. At this point, I am leaning towards NoSQL, MongoDB, because of the flexibility.


Many-to-Many | One-to-One | One-to-Many _Relational Tables – Structure


Collections -> Document _No Schema very flexible _No/Few Relations