Day 4: JobTrax – Features List & SDD

Image of a screenshot of the Featers plan

Today I went over the features list and created a software design document (SDD). I couldn’t for the life of me find my old spreadsheet that would be the base of this project.

??‍♂️ As I was writing this it just popped in my head that it wasn’t an actual spreadsheet perse but a google form that I created. So, I found it!

So, I tried to set the feature from memory and some features I would like to see now. The SSD helped me clear up or at least made me think about things a little deeper. I am thinking about making things a little simpler and might turn towards Firebase or other microservices platforms.

I didn’t have much time today but I am glad I spent the time to at least get going on the feature list and the SDD.

Tomorrow Plan ☁️

Since I should have more time tomorrow I should be able to go over the SDD and make changes and get started on the backlog.