Day 8: JobTrax – Restart

So today I decided to delete everything and start over. I forgot the key thing when beginning any project, Keep It Simple. Funny thing is that I have gotten further along than I planned and things are nice and clean.

I have gotten to the point now that I can proceed much quicker.

Day 5: JobTrax

Sunday is not big coding days for me, especially this Sunday. I spent time with the family, did some laundry and watch the Irishman (In one sitting) on Netflix. I did find some time to code up and finish another small project but for the JobTrax project, I did research related to the type of database to use.


I was planning on going towards a SQL database solution, PostgreSQL, when I was first thinking about this project. It would be easy to go the SQL route if a had a completed database design but I have been changing the structure. I found a good video to go over the pro and cons in a non-bias way. At this point, I am leaning towards NoSQL, MongoDB, because of the flexibility.


Many-to-Many | One-to-One | One-to-Many _Relational Tables – Structure


Collections -> Document _No Schema very flexible _No/Few Relations

Day 4: JobTrax – Features List & SDD

Today I went over the features list and created a software design document (SDD). I couldn’t for the life of me find my old spreadsheet that would be the base of this project.

??‍♂️ As I was writing this it just popped in my head that it wasn’t an actual spreadsheet perse but a google form that I created. So, I found it!

So, I tried to set the feature from memory and some features I would like to see now. The SSD helped me clear up or at least made me think about things a little deeper. I am thinking about making things a little simpler and might turn towards Firebase or other microservices platforms.

I didn’t have much time today but I am glad I spent the time to at least get going on the feature list and the SDD.

Tomorrow Plan ☁️

Since I should have more time tomorrow I should be able to go over the SDD and make changes and get started on the backlog.

JobTrax Day 3

I spent today researching a bit but I made a decision on what I am doing with the frontend of the application. Well, I am leaning towards one direction…

Research Time ?

I also spent time today to watch a few videos on microservices just to get a better understanding of it. I found that the video from FreeCodeCamp best explained things. I did run into a video of a talk by David Schmitz titled 10 tips for failing badly at Microservices that I really enjoyed and learn a good deal from.


I will be using ReactJS with Material UI, at least this is the choice I will be going with for now. I have some time to let this settle in because I would like to take some time learning VueJS. The way to learn a new framework is by doing. ?

I have to start thinking and designing the architecture of the backend API so I can avoid costly mistakes when I get to the frontend.

Tomorrow Plan ?

Take a look at the spreadsheet I created and begin outlining the application feature needs. I will create a backlog of everything and have it placed in ZebHub or Trello for project management.

JobTrax Day 1 & 2

I have decided to build a job tracking web app. This came about because at one point I was using a spreadsheet to track the information about jobs that I applied to or about to apply to. The spreadsheet was nice but it was annoying at times.

Day 1

I went through some of the projects that were on the self dug a little deeper into why I wanted to work on each one. The job tracker was the one most relevant to me at this time of my life so I figured it would be best for me to work on it.

Day 2

I decided on using NodeJS for the API Backend and I haven’t decided on the database just yet. Also, I picked up the domain, created a GitHub Organization with a got repo and created a quick logo.

At this point this project is called JobTrax and I will have a repo for the API backend, called Suit, and another repo for the frontend, name not determined.

2020 the year of building.

I have one thing in mind this year and that is to build out several different projects. I will do some solo and partner up with others to get it them done*!

Let me roll back a bit

So my intention this year is to roll several minimum viable products (MVP). I plan to keep them simple enough to be able to move on to the next project in a reasonable time. They will will be able to be used in the real world so security will be a priority.

I’m thinking about keeping all or at least majority of them open source under the MIT license but I will have to do my research on that.

What am I talking about doing

The goal is to hit 12 projects and that will included some that I have put on the self or working on them much slower pace. Also, I will keep a daily log on my progress here, under #BuildYear and on social media.

I have already started the #30DayProject in the Zero2Mastery course so it should help me stick to it year round.