Creating Themes For Clients: WordCamp Miami 2016

This was a presentation given at WordCamp Miami 2016. Your clients should know how to add, edit and delete any content on their website without the need to reach out to a developer.

1. Creating Themes for Clients
2. Your clients should know how to add, edit and delete any content on their website without the need to reach out to a developer. What Are You Talking About? #WCMIA @jfeliweb
3. Planning Site Structure ➔Sitemap ➔Custom Post Types ➔Custom Fields ➔Sliders/Carousels ➔Content Structure #WCMIA @jfeliweb
4. Simplify Backend Keep It Simple Straight to the point Remove Dashboard Widgets Remove unused menu items ○ Tools & Editor Add Custom Posts and Custom Fields if it is necessary #WCMIA @jfeliweb
5. Customizer / Theme Options Less is More Based on the client’s need Well Organized Goes back to planning (slide 3) #WCMIA @jfeliweb
6. “If it isn’t documented, it doesn’t exist.” ~ Jeff Atwood #WCMIA @jfeliweb
7. Documentation Document Everything Reference Inline documentation and comments Glossary Tutorial Manual Readme WordPress help menu FAQ User guide Screencast #WCMIA @jfeliweb
8. Document Tools? WP Help by Mark Jaquith: help/ Video User Manual: Easy WP Guide: Simple Documentation by Mathieu Hays: documentation/ WP101: Smashing Magazine: 2012/07/writing-effective-wordpress- documentation/ #WCMIA @jfeliweb
9. “Going above & beyond involves making customers feel special and helping them out even when it may not make sense” ~ Neil Patel, KISSmetrics #WCMIA @jfeliweb
10. Thanks! Questions? Full Blog Post at Jean ‘Jeazy’ Felisme ➔ Freelance Web Developer & Designer at BizDots Media ➔ Worked with WordPress since version 2.6 (2008) ➔ Co-founder of Rate My Barber ➔ Family Guy @jfeliweb

Working with WordPress – Importing Exporting Customizing and Troubleshooting

The presentation was given on Saturday, April 19th for WordCamp Miami Beginners Workshop.

1. Working w/ WordPress Importing/Exporting, Customizing, and Troubleshooting
2. It’s me… Jean Felisme WordPress Designer and Developer @jfeliweb |
3. You did it!!!!  Domain  Hosting  WordPress  Theme  Plugin …Now What? The Good Stuff!
4. Before you start… Things to Know… ● Basic Knowledge of HTML and CSS ● Text Editor ● Local Development | Development Site OR ● A Cool Head ● Backup Everything
5. Site Backup • Why you should backup? • Manually Backup your site. • Plugin to use to backup. (BackupBuddy) • Content Backup (Import/Export)
6. Import/Export Content Importing Types From other sites o Tumblr o Blogger o WordPress etc…
7. Import/Export Content Export
8. Customizing Walkthrough of… • Reading Settings • Appearance Editor o Theme Options CSS Fields • Child Theme
9. Customizing Child Theme Child Theme Folder ○ style.css
10. Reading settings…
11. Appearance Editor
12. Troubleshooting  Stay Calm  What was the last action performed before receiving the error?  Check Backups Ohh Noo!
13. Troubleshooting Syntax Error Why? ● Plugin Update ● Code Snippets ● Memory Limit
14. The Fix FTP to file ○ rename plugin ○ undo change file Troubleshooting Syntax Error
15. Troubleshooting White Screen of Death Why? Most times its an exhausted the memory limit • Cause by Plugin(s) • Cause by Theme • Cause by Web Host
16. Troubleshooting Demo of fixing the White Screen of Death ● Disable Plugins ● Switch to Default Theme ○ Increase Memory limits ○ Going even farther ■ WP_Debug ■ PHP.INI file
17. Resources WordPress Codex ( WordPress Forums ( WPBeginner ( Google Search ( StackOverflow WordPress (
18. Questions? email: Twitter: @jfeliweb websites: |