Update: It’s been a long first quarter

What have I done?

Since my last post about the high achieving goals, I set for myself. I have done little to nothing to reach them.

There are several reasons behind why I haven’t done much but the main reason is time. I was just to busy with clients and family issues to deal with any of mine lofty goals that I placed on myself. The blame for this is at the time of writing those goals I really put into consideration of the amount of time that I will have to invest in putting them into action.

Really, nothing at all!

A few of the goals for the year I have started. Maybe not in the order I planned on starting, but I have started them with no regrets. Timing and momentum are always important for many of my ideas, without both they’re never will get a chance to hit the ground running.

I did start with a theme and have gotten through must of the rough spots now I to work on other areas to complete it to ship it to the repository for its first review.

I hit the restart button on a Saas product that will be more of a Paas solution. The timing is right for it but I am trying to kick up momentum to complete it correctly.

Finally, restart to an online magazine that was in the works for a long time. Momentum is growing again just need to get a few things together and it should be launching sooner than later.

More details on these items to come in future post.

The fix

To solve this issue I am going back to that post and making a few edits. I will keep the edits transparent just for the historical record and to keep things on the up and up.

I will remove a few items and adjust a few timelines. Also, go into detail on what, why, how and when for each goal. Briefly going over each goal will also be a good reference to review and help keep on task. I will also link to another blog post that will go into full details as I start each of the goals.

Goals to reach for 2015

I have a habit of creating the to-do list or task list on a daily basis. Most times I have a to-do list in a task list in another task list. I have calmed down a bit on the length and amount of list I create because I only have so much time in a day.

List of Goals to reach for 2015


  • Eat Better
  • Exercise More

These are my personal goals that just transferred over year after year. The difference this year is to losing weight is not on the list because if you eat better and exercise the weight should drop. I am cutting off sugary beverages, cut back on dairy, eating small portions of food 5 to 6 times a day and cutting back on eating out.


  • Teaching more kids about tech
  • Be more involved with tech in the Black community
  • Do something for Haiti in the field of tech

Helping and being involved in a community can be life-changing for you. In a world full of ‘selfies’ giving back or reach out to some community can make a difference, not just for you but to someone else. I have done two of the three goals last year, but doing something for Haiti in the field of technology is a new and challenging one.


  • Delegate more
  • Working less on the business
  • Create better systems
  • Alpha and Beta projects

The change is coming to BizDots Media, for a while now we were client based service provider now we will just build online products. To be able to focus on multiple products I have to let go a little and trust others to get the job done. To help the people do their job more efficient, I will need to create a better system. Another, goals to reach for 2015 is to release four projects in alpha and beta versions for the year, crossing my fingers.


  • Blogging at least every other day
  • Release one free WordPress theme every other month

As an online entrepreneur, I should create great helpful content. I will make this my priority this year. Releasing a free WordPress theme goes back to giving back to the community which is a great community. This will help improve my development skills and will help me put together better products.


I will make it a point to check into this post once a quarter to see where I am at. Also, I will update this post in March, June, September and early December of my progress.