30-Days of JavaScript

I have decided recently to focus on really learning JavaScript by doing a 30-day challenge. Every day for a minimum of one hour I will work on learning to work with JavaScript. I do know the basics of Javascript programming language and have written basic loops and functions. The thing is, I basically write in PHP programming language for WordPress, Larvel, and CakePHP. I have started to pick up programming in C# because I wanted to develop video games using the Unity 3D game engine. And with the growth of JavaScript in WordPress and fame of its libraries, I think it’s time I should improve my skills and knowledge.

The Plan – Simple 30 day

  1. Spend an hour or two a day writing JavaScript
  2. Once a week for 3 weeks work on a small project.
  3. The 4th week work on a app using a MEAN stack.

Week 1

I will start the first week covering the basic again and practice some functions. The goal that week is to create a simple calculator web app that can do all the simple addition, subtraction, multiply, and division calculations.

Week 2

During this week I will work on Object-Oriented JavaScript programming and start rolling into Node.js. At this point, I don’t know what project I will work on but will update this page when I do figure it out.

Week 3

This week I will integrate using APIs and JSON with JavaScript. I will also start getting into React.js because I will build a small application for this week.

Week 4

I will spend this week building and learning more about Node.js and React.js to build a decent size app. At this point I don’t know what that is but it will be something very nice and useful for me at least.

Help & Tutorials

As of writing this, a came across a website, JavaScript 30 –┬á30┬áDay Vanilla┬áJS┬áCoding Challenge. The thing is that I am already on day 3 of my challenge but I might just tag this along the way.

I have been using courses that I have in Udemy.com and have the plan to go back and use CodeAcademy.com during the week 1 and week 2. Also, with some online tutorials and help from friends and colleagues, I should have no problem getting through this.


I just wanted to get to a point that I am comfortable to use JavaScript and be able to pickup on the many libraries and frameworks surrounding it.