About Me

As a young boy, I grow up looking up to one of the best mentors in my life, my mother. She was a single immigrant mother with three sons with an American dream of owning her own business and being prosperous enough to take care of her family. My mother got me involved with several of her business ideas, I helped name and brand some of them. There have been many failures and life lessons along the way, one day I had to question her of why does she keep trying. She told me,

“Si ou pa eseye ou pa pral echwe, si ou pa febli ou pa reyisi.”

Loosely translated from Creole to English,

“If you don’t try you won’t fail, if you don’t fail you don’t succeed.”

This is the start of my life as an entrepreneur.

The next steps in my life took me to places and skills that I thought I will never use. Also, a wide variety of people that help me shape my decisions and kept me grounded.