2020 the year of building.

Photo of Jean wearing a hard hat

I have one thing in mind this year and that is to build out several different projects. I will do some solo and partner up with others to get it them done*!

Let me roll back a bit

So my intention this year is to roll several minimum viable products (MVP). I plan to keep them simple enough to be able to move on to the next project in a reasonable time. They will will be able to be used in the real world so security will be a priority.

I’m thinking about keeping all or at least majority of them open source under the MIT license but I will have to do my research on that.´┐╝

What am I talking about doing

The goal is to hit 12 projects and that will included some that I have put on the self or working on them much slower pace. Also, I will keep a daily log on my progress here, under #BuildYear and on social media.

I have already started the #30DayProject in the Zero2Mastery course so it should help me stick to it year round.